10 Best Affiliate Management Software Solutions


10 Best Affiliate Management Software Solutions

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An affiliate program requires careful affiliate tracking and management to avoid these pitfalls. This way, you will attract quality affiliates and get the best sales results possible through your digital marketing efforts. Achieving this yourself can be a challenge though, so outsourcing your affiliate program management may be the best solution. Companies that specialize in this area have professional affiliate program managers and network program managers, who are well qualified to attract and oversee advertisers in an affiliate program. Revolutionize your affiliate management with Phonexa’s all-in-one software suite comprising Lynx, LMS Sync, Call Logic, and other groundbreaking solutions for click and call management. And if you want to delegate things while still leveraging Phonexa’s proprietary affiliate and lead management software, consider enrolling in a pay-per-lead affiliate program.

Affiliates Management System

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Besides, we have also provided an option to view your generated report. This will redirect you to the Monthly Affiliate Payout section where you find all the generated reports for payouts. It will include all the affiliates whose commission is greater than $50.

The platform allows you to manage multiple affiliate programs, track and measure affiliate marketing performance, assign commissions, and issue payouts on a single platform. There’s no one-size-fits-all affiliate management software, with the best advice being to research your business case through and through and find the most resonating solution within your budget limits. From affiliate software for fintech to affiliate software for SaaS, the market is abundant with paid and free affiliate marketing software. Rewardful is a platform combining referral and affiliate marketing software into a single well-oiled customer acquisition and market expansion machine. From automated affiliate tracking to eCommerce integrations to campaign customization, Rewardful has it all and then some to turn your affiliate program into a goldmine with less to no effort on your side.

For a complete overview, please take a look at our integrated affiliate networks. You can check out more information on setting up an in-house affiliate program here. And join our Supermetrics partner program to earn 20% recurring commissions from each sale.

What is the best affiliate software?

It includes real-time reporting, payment management, order fulfillment, and licence management. It also offers tools to support the scaling of your program, including an affiliate market, where affiliates inside the PartnerStack platform can find your program. IDevAffiliate is one of the older players in the field of affiliate marketing software. Over the years, it has become a reliable option that covers most of your basic affiliate management needs.

Likewise, you can create a multi-tier affiliate marketing system to motivate your affiliates to create second and third-tier networks. Affiliate software is used by the lion’s share of advertisers that run affiliate programs, including while-label affiliate software that can be used under the company’s branding. At the end of the day, strategic-level business decisions require looking at things from a bigger perspective, not losing the forest for the trees. Now that you’ve screened the affiliate marketing software list, you might’ve already developed an understanding of what to look for when selecting your affiliate management solution. Top affiliate marketers earn over $150,000 annually from their affiliate marketing endeavors alone while not spending all their time on managing affiliate campaigns.

Many companies will hire an in-house manager to help generate revenue from this channel, but find limitations early on after not having the rolodex that it takes to succeed like an affiliate agency. The right affiliate software will enable a fair revenue distribution model that reflects your affiliate agreement. Up-to-date affiliate software automates everything that can be automated within the current level of technology. That said, endeavors like content creation or strategic development will still require a human touch.

Streamline the whole process of running affiliate marketing programs

Advertise Purple takes the worry and risk out of the equation by carefully vetting affiliates on your behalf. This module enables you to create backups of your database, which can be downloaded to your PC. You can also upload these backups to the backup manager and restore your database if data loss occurs. This module allows you to view various types of reports, including click rates, user registrations, sales and action commissions, and more. To do so, simply add a new language name from a list, choose the corresponding flag, and save.

Affiliates Management System

Increase your brand exposure and grow your program with minimum effort. Our Affiliate Recruitment feature automatically invites new customers to promote your brand. Affiliate tracking software for Online services, eCommerce and SaaS that integrates seamlessly with your website in just minutes. There are thousands of merchants on the internet and wrapping your head around the right ones can be a work of art in itself.

Wallet Module

Through PartnerStack, you can find affiliates that focus on promoting SaaS products and get their help marketing your own. In the PartnerStack Marketplace, there are over 800,000 potential affiliates just waiting to hear about your company. With Refersion, you can use services like PayPal, Stripe, and ACH to pay your brand advocates Affiliates Management System and other partners on time. When you’re using an affiliate network to manage your affiliates, they act as an intermediary and take care of the process of finding people to promote your offers for you. The advertiser is the one who’s selling the product or service, profiting from the traffic the affiliates are sending their way.

Affiliates Management System

The first method is “Automatic” – You have to make some settings so that your report will get generated automatically. The email addresses of these customers are also shown in the commission rules setup. You can make commission rules for individual affiliate partners as well. The affiliate marketing industry has grown at a rapid pace in recent years.

This occurs at a time when customer purchase decisions are more influenced by public opinion. Each affiliate link you have should be unique so that a different tracking cookie is created for your affiliates. It also helps you to determine which product is performing well and should therefore receive more of your efforts. One of the most common forms of affiliate management is through the utilization of affiliate networks. Whether you are looking to grow your SaaS or ecommerce business, affiliate marketing is an effective channel for generating new revenue. We hope this list provided you with insights into choosing the right affiliate marketing software for your needs.

Surely you don’t want to overpay or – even worse – commit to free affiliate tracking software that doesn’t work. OSI Affiliate is an easy-to-use affiliate management software that helps you set up your partner program and recruit partners. The software is created for companies of all sizes and can be used for referral and affiliate programs that are just starting out as well as for more established programs. Finding the right affiliates is just the first step in creating a successful campaign.

  • Plus, it has a fraud-prevention feature called Click Shield that will keep malicious bots from harming your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • After some days the same visitor directly opens your website and complete the purchase.
  • Another useful addition is an Affiliate Academy that helps you learn how to work on the platform and master its main features.
  • Below are seven major factors shaping affiliate software as a major tool for affiliate management platforms, referral programs, and affiliate programs.
  • Prices are from $500 and upwards per month, excluding extra fees on partner payouts.
  • PartnerStack has the ability to automate and streamline most of your program activities.

AffiliateWP is specifically designed for retailers with WordPress and WooCommerce sites, who are looking for a ‘plug and play’ solution. It is an advanced feature-packed WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress or WooCommerce site, helping you track your affiliates and referrals with ease. Then you will get your unique URL from the client portal or affiliate dashboard. Currently, you can select PayPal or Bank Transfer as a payment option. In this there are two options – first is the commission for purchase and the second option is for the commission on recurring charge. With this, you can choose “Flat” or “Percentage” commission type also.

Managing Different Types of Affiliate Marketers

The more built-in features your affiliate software incorporates, the more effective it is as a standalone solution (integrations are still necessary, though). For example, Phonexa’s pay-per-lead affiliate program pays for leads. Leads are potential customers who have completed a target action, such as filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. Provide your affiliates with a more satisfying experience to strengthen your relationship with them. Using a self-registration page you create on Refersion and embed into your website, you can find and recruit the best affiliates for your business.

As a result, you might get different results from our company compared to others, like Kayan Solutions. However, we guarantee that our affiliate marketing establishment will give you regular updates on the latest trends and work closely with you on incorporating this information in your advertising. We have an in-house team of professionals who can manage affiliates on your behalf and deal with all of the day-to-day queries so you don’t have to micro-manage your marketing program. They can develop banners and other creative content that aligns with your brand guidelines and campaign goals. They can onboard new affiliates, resolve technical queries, and ensure that publisher activities adhere to program guidelines. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can incorporate your affiliate software into a comprehensive lead management system like LMS Sync.

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